The Blood Countess


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The Blood Countess
By Calla Wright and Emily Schon

Sentenced to die, walled up in her castle, the Blood Countess spins a tale so strange and disjointed not even she can tell what is truth anymore.  Some say she was a victim of history, others paint her as a sadistic lesbian vampire who bathed in the blood of her victims, only one thing is for sure, no one ever seems to remember her name. Based on the story of a 16th-century noblewoman, Blood Countess is a post-modern look at how powerful women are represented and remembered throughout history.

The Blood Countess is…
Lexxus Reid
Nastasia Pappas-Kemp
Olivia Woods

content warning:
physical & sexual violence

March 17 // Cafe Cleopatra (18+) // 8-11pm
March 18-20 // Mainline Gallery // 8-11pm

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