2019 boulevard des limites, boundaries

In this story 2019 doesn’t necessarily represent the year. 2019 is the address. The time and location are unknown to most. The only known fact about 2019 Blvd des limites; it’s a safe haven for Mademoiselle Marlot. It’s a space where the boundaries she has set for the world cannot and will not be crossed.

Her private life , her sexuality, her wildest dreams. You have all been invited to witness , what goes on on the other sides of those boundaries. More than opening her home, she’s opening the doors of her deepest being

By Christopher Marlot, Creator and Performer

MiniMain (3997 St-Laurent)
Thursday March 21-24 Nightly


Générale / Regular : 18.00$
students/Seniors/QDF : 12.00$

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