Buxton Train

Buxton Train, is a true story that takes place in Buxton-friendship village, British Guiana. The folk tale dates back to 1862.. in 1856 a legislature was granted to the governor to place improvement taxes on the villagers. However after a few years of unpaid debt due to, no communication, the governor confiscated the land. The village leaders, composed of men did what they could. Led riots and even sailed to Britain to confront the queen. They were refused passage in Barbados and returned home defeated. This is when Nana took charge and led the villagers to occupy the train tracks to stop the train that carried the governor. This action worked as planned. The governor relieved the villagers of their debt and gave back their land.

This production is believed to be how Nana took charge at a time when women had their role and place of power was not it. You will meet Antoinette, Nanas cousin whom is as obedient as can be to her husband,until the plan of village take over came into place. Augustine, everyone’s supporter and still in the closet is slick at mouth whereas RosEmay is the Bush lady in training and Nana. Fed up of gender roles and men not getting the job done, Nana is the leader of the revolution.

Buxton Train is rich with culture, laughter, pain, resilience and movement.

By Amanda Benn Writer and Performer, and performed by Lydie Dubuisson, Ashley Williams, Nadia Theobal

MiniMain (3997 St-Laurent)
Thursday March 21-24 8:00 PM Nightly


Générale / Regular : 18.00$
students/Seniors/QDF : 12.00$

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