About Us

Revolution They Wrote: Short Works Feminist Theatre and Performance Festival is a 4-day event that present’s new and in progress feminist works. With these works, we create an artistic space that is primed to educate, provoke and inspire change.

The festival looks for works that discuss the intersections of feminism. We believe theatre and performance can act as catalysts to change us,as well as  validate the lived experiences of those in our communities struggling to see themselves reflected in the mainstream media. For us, the key to that is a diverse collection of perspectives on race, ability, gender, and sexuality.

This annual festival is a space where feminist artists gather to celebrate and create art.  Our artists and audiences  examine the representations of feminism, people of colour, people with disabilities, and trans and queer people in performance.

Our festival is juried by a ton of really amazing artists working in the Montreal arts scene. We work with creators to support and grow their performance. We believe in peer to peer mentorship and foster this with get togethers leading up to the festivals March performance dates.

From the germination of an idea to the full realization of a performance, we work with artists from all backgrounds to uncover new political/aesthetic practices, and modes of performance.

We hope you will join us for our next season.

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