Number Increase as We Count

Program One
MiniMain Theatre (3997 Boul. St-Laurent)
March 22-25 8:00 PM

When men die or are wounded during a war, they reach the status of heroes. But what about the women? The ‘hidden’ consequences of war, i.e. consequences for women, do not seem to be a material amenable to a traditional story or narrative: 1) beginning 2) crisis 3) active finding of solution-struggle 4) ending. The performance Numbers Increase as We Count… is built around a live counting: 1, 2, 3… This counting refers to the estimated number of victims of sex-trafficking following the beginning of the US-Iraq war and the occupation of Iraq afterward.  If we were to continue the counting until we reach the actual number of women forced into trafficking the play would be without end. This desperate situation resulted directly from a process that was officially supposed to bring ‘democracy’:

The team
Project creator and performer Ülfet Sevdi
Performers in the video Itır Artidi and Burcu Emeç
Music Nicolas Royer Artuso

This creation has been developed with the support of Playwrights’ Workshop Montreàl, the Mai, and the CAM (Diversité artistique Montréal program)

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