Still Gay When I’m Not In Love

By Adjani Poirier


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If a tree falls on a planet where there are no longer any human beings – does it make a sound? If a queer person falls, but not in love – do they really exist? Set on the evening of a (gay) wedding turned apocalyptic disaster our three flawed heroes navigate the ethics of relationships, family, community and individuality.

Performers: Adjani Poirier, Amy Collier and Hannah Morrow


Adjani Poirier (Writer, Director and Performer)

Adjani Poirier is a multidisciplinary theatre artist who splits her time between Montreal and the Yukon. Her practice focuses on creating work that is socially engaged and situated within a feminist, queer and anti-racist framework. Her work includes playwriting, performance, collective collaboration and directing. She is the co-creator of On Life and Living: A Documentary Theatre and Oral History Project and is a proud member of the Dawson City League of Lady Wrestlers. Currently she works facilitating arts based sexual health workshops in Montreal high schools.

Amy Collier (Performer)

“Amy Collier is thrilled to be returning to the theatre after a long hiatus, and is very excited to be a part of Still Gay When I’m Not in Love. Amy has primarily been focused on playwriting in the past, and is very much looking forward to taking on a new role as an actor in this reading. Thank you to everyone at Revolution They Wrote, and enjoy the show!”

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