Baby Dreams in the Mushroom Cloud

Saturday March 25 @ 3:00 PM

MiniMain Theatre

You are invited to the first public stage reading of a new Canadian work: Baby Dreams in the Mushroom Cloud, written by Kyungseo Min.

The reading will be followed by a talkback, where the audience can comment and ask questions to the playwright.

This reading is part of the Revolution They Wrote feminist festival. Tickets are sold at the door and are pay-what-you-can!

Baby Dreams in the Mushroom Cloud is a dream-play, following a young Korean girl who has been kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII shortly after the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. The play contains mature themes and language.

Performers: Li Li

Li Li, Christine Lan, Jackee Jing, Forrest Fung Yiu, Violette Kay


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