In the Destructible Flow of a Vast, Monolithic Moment

By Deniz Başar


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This is a coming of age story of a girl who is born in early 1990s in Turkey. As her life story unfolds in various cities of Turkey, she is surrounded with many women who impact her in countless ways as she goes through the political tribulations of her country along with her generation.

Performers: Burcu Emeç, Irmak Taner, Catherine Quirk


Catherine Quirk: Winnipeg-born, London-trained, Catherine teaches in the theatre programs at Concordia and McGill, and is thrilled to make her Montréal debut at the Revolution They Wrote festival. Previous credits include readings of Lizzie Leigh and Jane Eyre and productions of Sweeney Todd,The Possibilities/Not HimJekyll and HydeChristie in Love, and Les Misérables.

Irmak Taner completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology and International Development Studies at McGill University. She is currently doing her MA in Anthropology at Concordia and studying the relationship between environmental change due to infrastructural projects and social dynamics that surround them. She is an aspiring amateur performer and an occasional photographer.

Burcu Emeç is a theatremaker, performer and director playing at the intersections of visual and live arts. Deeply influenced by movement and image-based practices such as Viewpoints and shadow/object theatre she favours a sensorial and transdisciplinary approach to creation, investigating movement, text, image and sound horizontally to compose for the stage. Burcu’s work has been presented in Montreal, Toronto and Germany, and has received several accolades. Most recently, the collaboration Ça a l’air synthétique bonjour hi premiered at OFFTA (2018) where it won the Grolsch Hybridity Award. She won the Mainline Creativity Award and was nominated Best English Production for her solo tldr;smh (2017). In 2015 she co-founded obra anaïs performance ensemble, recipient of 5 META nominations. As a performer Burcu will be appearing in Numbers Increase As We Count… February 2019 at MAI. She lives in Montreal and works also at the artist-run centre articule.
Deniz Başar is a theater researcher two-time national award-winning playwright from Turkey, and a puppet maker. She is currently continuing her PhD thesis in Concordia University on the continuity of traditional shadow puppetry tradition in modern Turkish theatre. She has contributed to two upcoming academic anthologies on theatre and puppetry (‘Women and Puppetry: Critical and Historical Investigations’ by Routledge and ‘Palgrave Handbook of Theatre and Race’) with different aspects of her research on modern theatre of Turkey. In 2014, she received one of the most prestigious playwriting awards in Turkey (awarded through the Mitos-Boyut theatre publishing agency’s annual contest) for her play The Itch – a science fiction dystopia based in a future Istanbul – that was published in the award winning collection of that year. In 2016, she won another national contest in Turkey, the Derbent Playwriting Contest, with her play In the Destructible Flow of a Vast Monolithic Moment, – a collaboration project between Iranian and Turkish independent theatre artists – and her play was translated into Persian.

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