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MainLine Theatre and Revolution They Wrote

Short Works Feminist Theatre & Performance Festival

Revolution They Wrote and MainLine Theatre are proud to present the fourth annual Short Works Feminist Theatre Festival. A 4-day event which showcases new short works of feminist performance and art. The goal is to create a space for feminist artists of all backgrounds to, gather, develop, and produce short works that explore themes of intersectional feminism.

What does feminist theatre and performance mean? We are open to any style or approach, however, for a work to be considered feminist it needs to center on equality and the intersections of gendered oppression.

There is no cost to be a part of this festival or to receive its benefits.

The process:

* Proposals will no longer be accepted

* A jury will select the proposals to be supported by late December.

*Dates for the festival are March 22-25 2018

* Over the course of 2018, the selected creators will begin work and will be given:

  • One-on-one feminist dramaturgical support based on the need of each production;
  • Access to 10 hours of rehearsal space at MainLine Theatre;
  • Additional rehearsal space on a case by case basis;
  • A public reading or performance of the work at the festival;
  • 60% of the box office funds shared evenly between the other festival works in the program.
  • Other production-related support: promotional, technical and administrative.

Guidelines for submissions

Please note, questions will include:

  • Goal in creating this work
  • Why this work now
  • Why are you the person to be exploring this work?
  • What about this work is important to you?
  • How do you plan to deepen or develop the work?
  • Please indicate why you believe your work explores feminist values?

Eligibility criteria

  • Length
  • Gender (all genders may submit work)
  • Age
  • Level of education/level of artist

Evaluation criteria

The jury has a lot to consider, including the following overall evaluation criteria:

  • The overall quality of the work
  • How the work fits within the context of the festival programming
  • Feasibility of the work
  • Is this work giving a platform to unheard voices?
  • How relevant is the work to tenants of feminism
  • Who does it benefit?

If you are looking for a little reminder join our facebook event for updates!

For questions please contact Artistic Director, Murdoch at

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